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Pearl Goat Milk Bath Soap

Rs. 5,727 Per Cartoon (Minimum order quantity : 1 Cartoon)
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Try our Neem oil goat milk soap to disinfect and soothe the skin. We never use any synthetic ingredients when making our soaps. The soothing nature of our goat’s milk added ground oats, and Neem oil can be used for disinfecting the skin. This soap is a great alternative to using synthetic and antibacterial products that will dry out the skin.

Ingredients: raw, organic goat milk; plant oil base of the palm, coconut, olive, and neem oils; sodium hydroxide (lye); ground oats; and 100% pure tea tree essential oil.

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Pearl Goat Milk Bath Soap
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Rs. 5,727 Per Cartoon (Minimum order quantity : 1 Cartoon)
Quantity :
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" Pachdhaki" is a name of smal village , which is situated in Sudurpaschim Province, krishnapur Na.Pa. ward no 9,kanchanpur , it is also known as an ancient village of Ranatharu tribe.Director of this company Mr.Padam Rana also born there.